(Yet) More: Solving the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 BSOD

No Blue Screen of Death for me….

It’s been quite some time since I experienced a BSOD on my Microsoft Surface Pro 7; it used to be an annoyingly regular problem but reverting to pure Intel drivers and toning down certain functionality has helped significantly.

There was still some misbehaving from the device, namely some odd CPU usage running permanently around 15% and the camera lights would be always on. This still annoyed me as it would create heat issues for the device.

Into the UEFI I went (route: power down the device, hold VOL+ and keep it held, tap the power button). The devices context in the UEFA has an IR Camera, likely to enable good support in Windows Hello, which I turned off.

I actually have not tested whether Hello works but the device sits on a desk and faces a window. Naturally, the light coming through the window changes and this is likely an issue with the IR Camera because it thinks you are coming to the machine and it wants to help you unlock it.


So IR Camera off may help with stability and robustness; if you are having problems in general with a Surface Pro and BSODs, check out these posts…..