Fwd: (Sextortion email with great subject!)

Someone pressed Send without testing…


I am a professional coder, and I hacked your device’s OS when you were visiting an adult website.

Hmm, this reminds me of somebody….

I have been watching your activity for a couple of months.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can explain …

My Trojan malware allows me to access my victim’s system. It is a multiplatform hVNC-enabled software that can be installed on phones, PCs and even TV OSs …

hVNC. Is that like VNC but h-er?

It does not detect AV because it is encrypted and cannot be detected because I update its signatures every 4 hours.

I can turn on your camera, save your logs and do whatever I want and you won’t notice anything.

Now I have all your contacts, see data and all logs from chats


I recorded your masturbation and the video you watched. It was disgusting.

I can ruin your life by sending this material to everyone you know.

Of course. Is there any other variation on this sextortion storyline?

If you want me to remove this material and avoid any problems, you must send $ 1300 USD to my bitcoin address: 19Bp1MfmqsXt9uzRRytfuC3SshzqZydBD

It seems your sextortion attempts are unsuccessful, you have a zero balance.

If you don’t know how to buy bitcoins, use Google, there are many guides on how to use, spend and buy this cryptocurrency.

You have 50 hours to complete the payment.

I have a notification that you are reading this message …

Don’t try to reply because this email address was created.

Don’t try to complain because this and my bitcoin address cannot be traced.

If I notice that you shared this message, everyone will get your information.


You don’t have any idea. You are not a professional coder, your email was in my spam and it seems you did not test your mailmerge before sending it. You are very lucky I have catch-all forwarding on my domains otherwise I would not have been able to enjoy your email.

Dear reader – if you came to this page because you got an email like this, you searched for text in a sextortion email or you search the Bitcoin wallet, go back to your email and press the delete key. You will be OK.