AI images – Swiss Results

It’s not all perfect – yet

Having been looking at Wonder AI on the iPhone and then going into DuckDuckGo to search for AI image creators, it seems there are some interesting ones out there. – free

Below is an example of an image that came from something like “Switzerland snowy mountain 8k hi-res beautiful” at

I am not sure I would like to ride this ski lift. The AI must’ve never been on a ski lift before….!

Cool look but would you ride?!

Even better is the effort on the same terms that resulted in a room with a view. The computer is not disturbed by it – are you?

Check the windows….

Postcard Stuff

From the same terms, again, the site offered me very nice images. Almost good enough to be made into postcards…!

Postcard from ……

Speaking of postcards, here’s one from a fictional Swiss town it decided to create:

Welcome to …..

And of course the compilation postcard is always goiing to please your grandmother:


Wonder AI – from

This is a free-to-try App, $5/month or $29 to “buy”. The images actually feel superior and the AI interpretation seems either better or to understand my input more.

Given the lack of maturity and that I don’t need such images regularly, I’ve resisted the urge to subscribe for the lifetime price of $29…..but it’s nice!

My topic was Bitcoin hacking and the produced images are higher in quality and quite interestingly constructed….

He clearly cannot walk

As you can see, my happy hacker getting rich from Bitcoin is a little deformed but enjoying his flight with his ill-gotten gains. Meanwhile, his victim is traumatised….

Think before you click on links

Of course the victim could also be female, using a mobile device…..!



There are many resources out there that are creating images like this – search and see what you find. There are also free trials, AI bots running in Discord, Apps, websites and more.

Have fun!!